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Select your desired project and contact Thumbprint Audio by phone or email to address questions. Based on your preferences and needs, we will establish a project timeline, schedule an interview, and review costs.


Thumbprint Audio comes to your house and interviews you right where you are comfortable. Additional COVID-friendly options include: socially distant interviews, recording through a computer platform, or by recorded phone call.



Receive your finished product: a podcast-quality digital file with a private website link and a keepsake usb/thumb drive. Several packages also include a picture book to actually hold and flip through with your friends and loved ones.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.“
Mark Twain


Q: What do you get when you cross a clinical social worker with a radio show host? A: You get an oral historian who loves to come help you preserve your memories, family stories, and treasured collections so you can share what you love with the people you love.

When I was cleaning out my father’s farmhouse, I found myself wishing I could remember the story about his grandfather’s desk. What if I had thought then to record my dad’s voice with his humorous turns of phrase, his devotion to his grandfather and the warmth of his laughter—telling the story his way? My desire to hear his voice again far outweighs my interest in the 250 lb. wooden desk.

Knowing family stories actually helps us to feel connected and remember that we belong to one another. As it turns out, knowing how your family coped with setbacks in the previous generation actually builds resilience in the next generation.


“As I began contemplating downsizing and simplifying, I got stuck about what to do with my “stuff.” Years had been spent on “the hunt” to complete some of my most cherished collections: Depression glass, buttons, piggy banks, Hall pottery, lady head vases, jewelry, and vintage kitchen utensils, to name some of my favorites.

Kate came to my home, photographed my collections with thoughtfulness and respect and recorded my stories about each piece. Her insightful questions added to the quality and depth to my project.

I am in awe of the final result! I now have professional photographs of my cherished possessions in an amazing book with a narrative, in my own words. Now I can “let go” of these collections but share the memory of them with family and friends.

Ease your concerns of how to manage your personal collections and heirlooms. Thumbprint to the rescue.”